They responded to all of my calls
“I chose Summit Disability because of Jake Lee’s disability book. From our first meeting on, I was impressed with Jake and the staff. During the case they responded to all of my calls and correspondence quickly and they resolved my case a lot faster than I anticipated. On a scale of 1-10 I would absolutely give this firm a 10. If you are hesitant about hiring an attorney, I would almost insist you call these guys.”
Written by: John S.
I would hire these guys without any hesitation
“I had never worked with an attorney before. I was very hesitant and didn’t know what to expect. Now, I would hire these guys without any hesitation. I worked with Jake. He always kept me in the loop and I appreciated his interest in me and my case. My expectations were exceeded and then some.”
Written by: Roger S.
Jake Worked His Magic
“I saw this firm on TV and called to setup an appointment. Everything literally just happened from there. They explained everything to me. They were very helpful with all the paperwork. They responded promptly any time I had a question. The best part was that I didn’t expect my claim to be awarded for a long time, if at all. But, Jake worked his magic and my claim went right through. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs help with a disability claim.”
Written by: Julie G.
Don’t go out on your own.
“I originally chose Summit Disability because of their online reviews, website, and proximity to my home. When I met them they were positive, professional, and knowledgeable. My experience with Jake was very positive. The case went quicker than I thought it would, and he made a real effort to educate me on the process and let me know what was coming next. I give these guys a 9/10. My advice – don’t go out on your own. The process is too complicated to navigate by yourself.”
Written by: M. Fiore
Understanding and Patient
“I was referred to Summit by my attorney uncle. My first impression of Summit was cleanliness, professionalism, their customer service was good, and I felt right at home. I was nervous they wouldn’t be on my side and would take advantage of me. But, Jake was professional. He listened to me, and answered my questions so I could understand. He has a great bedside manner. I give these guys 10/10. If you think you can do this alone, don’t. Get someone who knows their work. They will educate you and get you in and out a lot sooner.”
Written by: Tyler I.
I didn’t have to worry!
“I was referred to Summit by a friend. I didn’t have a lot of experience hiring an attorney, but my first impression of Summit was that they were professional, friendly, and confident. I worked with Jake and my experience with him was all positive. He was very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. His office just took care of Social Security so I didn’t have to worry. Call backs were sometimes delayed, but they educated me well on the process, and the emails and letters they sent on a regular basis were helpful in keeping me informed. I give them 10/10 and would tell anyone how professional and caring this firm is.”
Written by: Jackie U.
Communication & Results
“I chose this firm because it was close to my home. Our experience with SSA before hiring Jake was very difficult. But when we contacted Summit, they were friendly and helpful. They were very good about communication. We worked with Jake and his legal assistant Sasha and they were kind and very on the ball. Everything they sent us from emails to letters kept us informed and educated about this process. We will definitely recommend this office to others. We were just so happy with the communication and results.”
Written by: Doug V.
I chose them because of their handbook
“I chose Summit because of their handbook. I wasn’t nervous to hire them because the book explained so much. Jake was personable and he made the consultation easy for me and did it via skype. Sasha was my legal assistant and she was always on top of things and called me every time something happened in the case. The emails were helpful and the letters were helpful. I felt informed the whole time. I would definitely recommend these guys. If you’re thinking about hiring them, don’t be. They do all the dirty work and make the process easier for you.”
Written by: James K.
Explained everything clearly
“Prior to hiring an attorney, I was frustrated and stressed out by Social Security. After meeting with Jake, I was very confident that he would be able to help me with my claim. He explained everything clearly, the staff was courteous and professional, and I felt informed throughout the case. If you’re thinking about getting an attorney, I would say get the help, you can’t go wrong. I will refer friends who need help to Summit Disability.”
Written by: Froilan E.
Made the Process Run Smoothly
“I was referred to Jake by a family member. My experience with him was very positive. The emails and letters he sent were informative and helpful. Jake and Ofa made the process run smoothly and were always available to answer our questions. I always felt like I knew what to do. If you’re thinking about trying your claim on your own, you’re crazy. This law firm is a 10/10, they take excellent care of you.”
Written by: Kendra A.
Exceeded Our Expectations
“We chose Summit Disability because of the firm’s reputation. Jake was very understanding and professional the first time we met him, and throughout the case he and the staff exceeded our expectations. We really appreciated the compassion and understanding we experienced here. We’re still on the fence about attorneys in general, but not Summit Disability. Don’t hesitate to consult with them.”
Written by: Becca A.
Just Do It
“I was referred to Summit Disability by a friend. I worked with Jake Lee and Ofa. Everyone there was pleasant to work with and helpful. They kept me up-to-date and informed with letters and emails. They also made a real attempt to educate me on the process. I give these guys 9/10 stars. If you’re hesitant about hiring an attorney, don’t think, just do it!”
Written by: Ross D.
You won’t find any better attorney or kinder staff
“I was referred to Jake by one of his family members. I was scared of hiring an attorney and was nervous I would not be represented well. I thought this would be a long and hard process. My first impression was that their office was very clean and they were kind. Jake is a great man that made me feel comfortable and that I was in good hands. But, he was honest about what was going to happen, our chances, and how long it would take. His whole staff was kind and made me feel at ease. They educated me on the process, kept me informed throughout the case, and the letters were helpful. The most unexpected part of the whole case was that I was approved so quickly. You won’t find any better attorney or kinder staff. I would definitely refer to this office.”
Written by: Scott B.
I Felt Comfortable
“I chose Summit Disability because they made me feel comfortable and I was confident that Jake had the knowledge I needed to get where I wanted to go. I had been wary of hiring an attorney before because I didn’t want to pay for one and not get the result I wanted. In fact, I felt intimated when I first walked into Summit. But, as soon as I met him I felt assured. He was just so personal. The staff was kind and courteous, I felt informed during the whole process, and all of the letters were easy to read and understand. I would definitely recommend Summit to anyone looking for help.”
Written by: Janet T.
On the ball all the time
“I chose Summit because they were clean, organized, and friendly. SS is a pain and Summit made it so much easier and less stressful. I didn’t know much about how everything worked. Jake and Sasha were on the ball all the time. They explained and answered all the questions we had. Their emails and letters were helpful and informative. If you are hesitant about hiring a lawyer to help you with disability, I would tell you to call Summit.”
Written by: Todd C.
Kept Me up-to-date
“I tried to do Social Security on my own. It was really hard and felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I read some reviews and decided to give Summit a call. At our first meeting they seemed professional and courteous. Throughout the process they always returned phone calls and kept me up-to-date. Jake, Sasha, and Ofa were always right on the ball and they did a top notch job. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for disability representation.”
Written by: Doug V.
Did what he said he would do
“I was referred to Summit Disability and I was nervous about hiring an attorney because I thought that hidden costs would come up later. However, Jake did exactly what he said he would do. There were no hidden costs. He provided detailed information up front, kept me informed along the way, and did what he said. The staff was professional and courteous. They letters they sent were helpful in helping us understand what was coming next. They provided outstanding representation and service. I would definitely recommend these guys.”
Written by: Lisa J.
They took the time to get to know me
I was impressed with this firm’s internet presence and my attorney consultation. They took the time to get to know me and understand how my day to day life has been changed. I wasn’t looking for a “love-in,” I wanted professionals to work my case. And that is what I got. They listened to me and let me know what I needed to do. My involvement was very stress free as opposed to not having an attorney.
Written by: Rich R.
My Case was Won
“When I decided to needed to investigate Social Security disability, I went to the Murray Social Security office and waited for several hours to talk to someone. Everyone there seemed lost and confused. When I talked to a friend about it, he said he had used an attorney and it was the only way to go. So, when I saw Jake’s commercial on TV, I set up an appointment. The staff was very friendly and helpful and that took away a lot of stress. I was particularly impressed that if my case wasn’t awarded, they didn’t get paid.
Jake explained the process and Ofa helped me with all the stupid forms from Social Security. They constantly kept me informed as to what happened and what to expect. I don’t think they could have educated me on the process any better. It really helped with the stress. I never had a bad experience. In the end, my case was won much faster than I expected. On a scale of 1-10, these guys get a 10+!”
Written by: Craig R.
Personal Touch
“I found this firm searching on the internet and they had excellent reviews on Google. So, I called them. My first impression was that they were professional and that Jake knew his stuff! Having worked with Summit, I would say they are the only way to go. They had a personal touch and real concern for me as a person that I really appreciated. I would tell anyone thinking about hiring a lawyer to see these guys.”
Written by: Michael H.
Their compassion was real
“My first impression of Summit Disability was they were an impressive law firm. I appreciated their prompt responses via phone and email. I had a positive experience with their office and their compassion was real. On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 10 and recommend their services to my friends and family. If you are hesitant about becoming involved with a lawyer, I would say to call Summit Disability Law Group, they are fair and compassionate.”
Written by: Tami S.
Go to Jake First
“I chose Summit Disability because I had worked with its sister firm Christensen & Hymas. I worked with Jake. He is a good dude, and explained the process well. I was impressed with them because this was a very tough time for me. I was in such a fog most the time and they were understanding. If you’re debating between doing this on your own or hiring attorney, go to Jake first.”
Written by: Ryan H.
They Cared
“Initially I was afraid that we would just be a number. But, working with Summit Disability was great. Jake was awesome to work with. His staff always kept us informed. They educated me on the process and told me what was coming next in person, through emails, and letters. Overall, they provided outstanding service throughout the entire process. I especially appreciated that they cared.”
Written by: Michael Q.
Confident in their ability
“I chose Summit because I felt comfortable and confident in their ability. My first impression of them was that they were efficient. I worked with Jake and it was a positive experiences. He had a great attitude and was persistent. My case result was in line with my expectations. I felt like they provided outstanding representation. I will definitely refer to them.”
Written by: Leslie H.
They gave me a positive outlook on life
“The first consultation with these guys, they were very friendly and answered all of my questions. However, I just didn’t know if I would win my case. They kept my informed and were very positive. My case was settled sooner than I expected and I am so happy I picked these guys. They have me a positive outlook on life again. If you are thinking about hiring these guys just know that they will treat you like a friend and work with you through your case.”
Written by: Robert K.