Orem Social Security Disability Lawyers

Over 8,000 people in the Utah County area receive Social Security disability benefits. However, less than half of all Social Security disability applicants win their cases. This means that tens of thousands of disabled residents in the Orem area have to get by without this much-needed help.

At Summit Disability Law Group, we are dedicated to giving you the best chance available at winning these benefits. From our office in Orem, we help Social Security claimants throughout Utah County every day.


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How Can a Disability Attorney Help You?

The disability claims process is the same in Orem as it is anywhere else – complex and frustrating. Fortunately, our attorneys understand its ins-and-outs. We offer honest advice and assistance at every step: appeals, hearings, and even the initial application.

We also understand that most law firms tell you to come back after you have already applied and been denied. But we know that you really need someone to walk you through all that confusing paperwork. Errors at the beginning of your case can be detrimental later down the road.

Because we know how confusing this process can be, we wrote the book on the process to put you back in the driver’s seat. The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook breaks down and simplifies the most important and confusing parts of the claims process. It can help calm your anxieties about filing a claim, and better prepare you for a free consultation with one of our disability attorneys in Orem.

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Is Summit Disability Law Group My Best Choice in Orem?

That is our goal. Instead of telling you how great we are, we want you to know that no one will work harder to win your case. We represent a limited number of clients, in order to ensure the focus that each unique case requires.
We know that hiring a lawyer can sound expensive, but affordability is one of our top priorities. We offer our clients a contingency fee agreement (or a “No-Fee Guarantee”), which means that you don’t pay us attorney fees unless we win your case.

Most law firms spend their energy trying to convince you that they are “the best,” and then provide mediocre representation once they have your money – but not us. We won’t tell you we’re the best, we’ll show you through our No-Fee Guarantee.

Our Orem Social Security disability attorneys are available to guide you through the red tape. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case, or order a free copy of The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook.

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