Social Security Disability Application Process

This page reviews all of the information you will need to start filing your claim including:


  • How to qualify for Social Security Disability
  • What information to provide in order to have a claim
  • What’s needed from you in order to win a Social Security Disability claim

How to File a Claim

Questions about exactly how to fill out the paperwork? The page above gives you a step-by-step process of how to file a Social Security Disability claim. This page also provides a list of all the required documents you will need, and how and when to submit them.


The page above shows you how to make an account with the social security administration. Before you file your claim, you can check to see whether your work history qualifies you for potentially receiving social security benefits.

Claims Process

Once you’ve got your Initial Application filed, what happens next? This page will explain what you can expect from the Social Security Administration from the time you file your Initial Application forward.

Filling Out Forms

From the Initial Application forward there are many forms to complete. This page will explain what to expect in filling out forms for Disability forms and help you understand the role they play in the claims process.

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