Draper Social Security Disability Attorneys

Over 20,000 people in the Salt Lake City area receive Social Security disability benefits. However, less than half of all Social Security disability applicants win their cases. This means that tens of thousands more disabled Salt Lake-area residents must get by without much-needed help. This is where an experienced disability attorney can significantly impact your case and increase your chances of winning.

At Summit Disability Law Group, we are dedicated to providing the best disability representation available. From our main office in Draper, we help Social Security disability claimants throughout the state of Utah every day.


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How Can a Disability Attorney Help You?

The disability claims process is the same in Draper as it is anywhere else – complex and frustrating. Fortunately, our attorneys have charted the course through the red tape. We offer help and guidance at every step: applications, appeals, and hearings.

We know that deciding whether to make a claim is a difficult decision that requires thought and strategy. We also know that most people don’t have access to good information about the process and what they have to prove. Because of this, we wrote the book on the process so that you can make the best decision for you in the security of your own home.

The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook breaks down and simplifies the most important and confusing parts of the claims process. It will help calm your anxieties about filing a claim, and better prepare you for a free consultation with one of our disability attorneys.

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Is Summit Disability Law Group My Best Choice in Draper?

That is our goal. Instead of praising ourselves, we prefer to say that no one will work harder to win your case. We represent only a limited number of clients, in order to better focus on each of their unique cases.

We know that hiring a lawyer can sound expensive, but affordability is one of our top priorities. We offer our clients a contingency fee agreement (or a “No-Fee Guarantee”), which means that you won’t pay us anything unless we win your case.

Most law firms will spend their energy trying to convince you that they are “the best,” and then provide lackluster representation once they have your money – but not us. Our “No-Fee Guarantee” is proof that we have no interest in just telling you we’re the best. We want to show you.

Our Draper disability attorneys are available at any time during work hours. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case, or to order a free copy of The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook.