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Other Impairments

The following are a list of other types of common disabilities that do not fit under any of the other categories that have been previously provided. Below is a list of disabilities and a short description of what the impairment entails and what information will be provided if you follow the link. 


The level at which you can be considered as having statutory blindness is not the same as not being able to see anything at all. This page provides you with information on what is considered a visual impairment, what you need to prove your inability to see well enough to work, and the levels at which your visual impairment is considered too severe to continue on with normal life.


This page provides you with an understanding of what you will need in order to prove that your loss of hearing keeps you from working a job. A list of required tests can be found here along with a link to information on what kind of hearing and word recognition tests are available for you if you do not speak fluent English.

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