Medical conditions that qualify for Social Security disability benefits

Having Trouble Finding Your Condition?

Some impairments will be easier to locate than others. If you don’t find yours-don’t worry-that’s no indication that your claim will be denied. The claims process is the same whether your condition appears on the list or not. Navigating the Social Security system can be difficult, so we’ve provided a plain-language introduction to the types of injuries, ailments, and disorders that keep people from living normal lives and performing their jobs.

You can immediately apply for Social Security disability benefits if your medical condition will keep you from working for more than 12 months.  You do not need to wait until you’ve missed work for the full 12 months.

The Social Security Administration divides its listing of impairments according to the specific type and location of each condition. The list is far from comprehensive, but it provides conditions and symptomatic criteria that allow cases where both are clearly met in the medical records to have an automatic decision of disability. If you suffer from an impairment on the list, becoming informed on the subject will give you a good start to your SSD claim; if one or a combination of your maladies already appears and your records prove all the required criteria, the SSA is likely to find you disabled based on those conditions.


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