Leave no veteran behind: The 9.4 million on Social Security

One of every four adults on Social Security is a U.S. military veteran. That’s 9.4 million beneficiaries who have defended the country. And their families? Almost 40 percent of the adult Social Security beneficiary population are composed of veterans and their families, according to the Social Security Administration. Veterans face unique health challenges. Those who served…

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The Impact of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration has a straightforward eligibility standard for disability benefits: You must have an illness/injury/disease preventing you from financially supporting yourself. Plain and simple. But every standard has exceptions. What if the disability, though legitimate, is tied up with something the person can or could have at one point controlled–such…

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The advantages of hiring employees with disabilities

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. In recognition of the month, Summit Disability Law Group is publishing articles on how to find employment despite a disability as well as stories celebrating successful employment. The responsibility of lowering unemployment among those with differing abilities lies not just with job seekers but employers. Many myths…

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