Medical Conditions

How Apprenticeships Can Benefit Youth With Disabilities

For many young people, transitioning into adulthood is full of difficulties. Many of these difficulties are related to finding a career path and furthering their education. Luckily, most youth manage to navigate their transition successfully. However, not everyone is as lucky. The Department of Labor (DOL) states: “Unfortunately, for young…

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Vision and Hearing Loss Disability Benefits

Many different disabilities can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. People with conditions that affect vision and hearing frequently qualify for these benefits. At Summit Disability Law Group, we strive to help disability claimants understand their cases. In this blog post, we explain hearing loss disability benefits, as well as…

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New Mental Health Disability Listings

  The Social Security Administration recently changed the rules surrounding mental disorders in disability cases. New mental health conditions are now on the SSA’s medical listings. Each year, awareness of mental health issues grows. As that happens, the Social Security disability program adapts. This post explains the new mental health disability listings…

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