Community Involvement

The Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers at Summit Disability Law Group find it extremely important to be involved in  and give back to the local communities in which we are a part. Because of this firm belief and passion for our friends and neighbors, we do our best to give back in whatever capacities we can.

This page showcases the various ways we have tried to be an influence for good for our state and cities.

Images courtesy of Summit Disability and the Society for Social Work Leadership in Healthcare.


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Ways That We are Involved

Utah Disability Scholarship Award

Jake Lee knows the value of lifelong learning and the positive effect it has on every aspect of someone’s future. He also knows how difficult it can be for individuals with disabilities to pursue an education. Because of this, he created the Utah Disability Scholarship Award to help individuals achieve their educational goals. Summit Disability Law Group is passionate about giving a fighting chance to individuals who are at a disadvantage.

Utah Epilepsy Foundation Support Group

Jake Lee was invited to speak to the Utah Epilepsy Foundation Support Group about what it takes to win a Social Security disability case and the special rules that exist for those who experience Epilepsy. This group was made up of people who either experience Epilepsy or have family members who do. The Utah Epilepsy Foundation works tirelessly to provide resources to their community and to educate those who can best help their community about their unique needs. Through their work, they have opened up several new opportunities and resources for the community. Jake says that he is learning as much from them as they are from him.

Brain Injury Alliance Care Giver Group

Jake Lee spoke to this group about how to get Social Security disability when you have had a traumatic brain injury. The group was made up of people looking for information on how to financially and medically support a loved one with this kind of injury. These are the people in the trenches trying to survive with the vast expenses of someone relearning to walk, talk, eat, and interact with people.

Utah Housing Authority

Jake Lee spoke to the Social Workers of the Utah Housing Authority about what financial options are available for the homeless. He highlighted how to help them get medical care and how these issues come in to play with what they do. A large amount of time was spent focusing on big mistakes he has seen in the past and how to avoid them.

Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

Social Workers often deal with individuals struggling with health challenges and subsequently financial limitations that prevent them from getting much needed treatment. Recently, Jake was invited to speak to them about the benefits available under the Social Security disability system and how Social Workers can help their clients get access to these benefits.