Suspension of Disability Benefits: How Can it Happen?


In some situations, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may suspend your disability benefits. This suspension of disability benefits can seriously affect you and any dependents you may have. It will happen if the SSA believes that you are no longer disabled, or if they do not think you are communicating clearly. Your benefits can be reinstated, but it is often a frustrating process.

At Summit Disability Law Group, our experienced lawyers are committed to helping disability claimants in Utah. If you are stuck in any part of the claims process, we can help you! This post explains the reasons why disability benefits can be suspended.

What Causes Suspension of Disability Benefits?

There are several reasons why the SSA may suspend your benefits. It often happens when they no longer believe you are disabled and need time to evaluate your case before paying you more benefits. However, lack of communication can also be a reason for a suspension of disability benefits. The following things can all cause you to temporarily (or permanently) lose benefits:

  • The SSA receives new medical information showing that you are able to work. If they decide that payments should have stopped over 2 months ago, they will suspend your benefits.
  • You are still working after completing a 9-month work trial. This trial must have ended at least two months ago.
  • You initially received benefits for a condition that was expected to improve. Since then, you returned to work with no limitations. Again, you must have returned to work at least 2 months ago.

These are some of the most common causes for a suspension of disability benefits. However, it can also happen because of ineffective communication. The following situations can lead to suspension:

  • You do not respond to the SSA’s request for new medical information
  • Your disability checks are returned by the Post Office, and the SSA cannot locate you.

When Will The SSA Terminate Your Benefits?

The SSA will terminate your benefits if you fail to answer their requests for further information about your condition. After 12 months of suspension without any new information, they will terminate your benefits.

Questions About Disability Benefits? We Can Help You

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