5 Common SSDI Myths and the Truth About Them

common ssdi myths

If you are starting a Social Security disability case, you may be nervous or uneasy about your chances for success. You may have heard some horror stories about the disability claims process. While it is true that the process can be frustrating, don’t be scared off by the rumors. At Summit Disability Law Group, we work hard to help disability claimants understand and win their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases. This post identifies 5 common SSDI myths, and the truth behind them.

5 Common SSDI Myths — and the Facts Behind Them

Below are some of the most common SSDI myths, and what you should really expect when filing a claim.

  • Myth: Almost all claims get denied, so it’s not worth it to apply.

Truth: While many claims are initially denied, that is no reason not to apply! A large number of cases are successful after appeals. We will work closely with you to make sure your case is as strong as possible at every step in the process. The Social Security Administration itself provides some helpful tips on filing a successful claim. There are many things you can do to improve your chances of success. Hiring an experienced disability lawyer is one of the best ways to help your case. We know the process inside and out and can help you get the benefits you deserve!

  • Myth: My doctor’s medical opinion will be enough to win my case.

Truth: Unfortunately, your personal doctor’s diagnosis is often not enough to convince the SSA that you are disabled. It is still important to provide the most accurate, up-to-date medical information, but the SSA may conduct its own tests and medical evaluations.

  • Myth: I only need to win my disability case once, and I get SSDI forever.

Truth: SSDI is meant to be a long-term benefit, but you can lose it if the SSA ever decides you are not disabled anymore. If you win your case, the SSA will review your situation from time to time to determine if you still meet the qualifications.

  • Myth: My disability benefits will be nearly as much as my past income.

Truth: The SSDI program provides a little over $1,000 per month. This monthly benefit is designed to help you cover essential living expenses. Of course, each case is unique and if your disability is not expected to limit you in the long-term, you can explore work opportunities while still receiving disability benefits.

  • Myth: As soon as I win my case, I will start receiving benefits.

Truth: Once you win your case, there will be a waiting period before you start receiving your benefits. The SSA will start paying benefits 5 months after your established disability onset date.

Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers

At Summit Disability Law Group, our disability lawyers can help you navigate your case. We can help you cut through these common SSDI myths and other obstacles to build the strongest possible claim. If you are interested in a free case consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact us today!

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