Disability Hearing Date: When Will I Know?

Are you waiting to hear about your disability hearing date? The Social Security Administration recently changed some of the rules surrounding hearing notifications. These changes may affect your case. At Summit Disability Law Group, we strive to help disability claimants understand everything they need to know about getting disability benefits. So, this post outlines these new changes to hearing notifications and how they may affect you.

Changes to Disability Hearing Date Notifications

In the past, you likely would have been notified of your hearing only 20 days before. Now, the SSA will notify you at least 75 days before your hearing. This gives you more time to prepare, which is essential to winning a case at the hearing stage. If you hire a disability lawyer, they will have more time to build your case. At Summit Disability Law Group, we regularly help our clients win benefits at all stages of the claims process.

The SSA also made other changes to disability case procedures. Some of the most important of these changes affect the following:

If you have questions about these changes or the Social Security disability claims process, please contact us! We can help you build your strongest possible case.

Experienced Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers

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