Which President Started Social Security?

president started social security

Presidents’ Day is celebrated in February, marking the birth of our first president, George Washington. The holiday is an opportunity to appreciate the many great presidents in the United States’ history. Many people ask us, “which president started Social Security?”

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935. This act led the way for the creation of the Social Security Disability Insurance program. At Summit Disability Law Group, we help deserving disabled Americans get SSDI benefits, which help disabled individuals who can no longer work.

How and Why the President Started Social Security

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. While he accomplished many things during his time in office, he is widely remembered for creating the Social Security program.

Roosevelt was elected during the Great Depression, which is an important reason why the president started Social Security. He saw it as a way to help Americans who could not work. The program was part of his “New Deal” campaign promise. He began working towards its creation soon after his election. In his view, Social Security was a protection “against the hazards… of life.” He informed Congress of his plans and wrote the act in just a few months.

Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in August 1935. This law guaranteed supplemental income for the unemployed and the retired. Eventually, the Social Security Administration created the SSDI program to help disabled Americans. President Roosevelt’s historic accomplishment continues to help millions of deserving Americans.

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