Disability Family Benefits: Who Can Get Them?

By December 22, 2016Benefits

do your loved ones qualify for disability family benefits?

Many Social Security disability claimants wonder how their benefits could extend to and support their families. Fortunately, if you qualify for disability benefits, your family may also be eligible to receive some assistance. At Summit Disability Law Group, we are committed to helping our clients and their families get all the benefits they need. In this post, we break down the basics of disability family benefits, who is eligible, and how to apply for them.

Who Is Eligible for Benefits?

There are four categories of family members who are eligible to receive disability benefits on your record. These are:

Your spouse is eligible to receive a percentage of the disability benefits you receive. To receive family benefits, they must be 62 or older, or be caring for your child that is under the age of 16.

If you were married for at least 10 years, your divorced spouse may also qualify for benefits. They must be at least 62 years old and unmarried.

If you have a child under the age of 18 who is unmarried, they may be eligible to receive family benefits.

Your disabled child is entitled to receive benefits beyond the age of 18, as long as their medical condition began before they turned 22.

Each of your family members can receive up to 50% of your monthly disability benefit amount. However, if you have multiple family members receiving benefits, your family’s total monthly assistance will usually be capped at around 150-180% of your benefit amount.

How Do I Get Disability Family Benefits?

The application process for family benefits can vary depending on relationship. Below is the basic process for child and spouse applications.

  • Children

If your children fall into the third or fourth category listed above, they will need to apply in person and bring a few documents with them. To receive benefits, they will need their birth certificate, as well as your Social Security number and their own. If they are a disabled adult, they will also need documentation and medical evidence of their disability.

  • Spouse

Your spouse can apply online through this link. This site allows you to apply for Social Security Retirement/Medicare benefits, and if you qualify, this application will also automatically serve as a request for spousal benefits.

Summit Disability Law Group Can Help

The claims process for disability family benefits, as well as for personal benefits, can be complicated and stressful. The experienced attorneys at Summit Disability Law Group can help you file a successful application and get the benefits you need.

If you have questions about Social Security disability benefits, please contact us today. Our practice is dedicated to serving and providing answers to disability claimants. You can also order an absolutely free copy of our book, The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook, for personal reference. We hope these resources are useful and helpful for you.

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