Muscular Dystrophy Drugs


For patients suffering from muscular dystrophy, there may not seem to be many options. There is no cure for the disease, which is actually a group of diseases with common symptoms. However, there are many experimental drugs that may soon be available to treat it. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved one of these drugs, known as eteplirsen. The future of muscular dystrophy drugs is promising, but unclear. This post breaks down some of the details about treatment for this disease.

Muscular Dystrophy Drugs: Are There Any Options?

Eteplirsen is the first drug approved specifically to treat muscular dystrophy. This medication treats one common form of the disease known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The effectiveness of the drug is not completely proven, but the FDA approved it based on its positive impact on several test patients. The drug may help the body produce dystrophin, a protein which can improve muscular dystrophy symptoms.
While there are no muscular dystrophy drugs that can cure the disease, there are treatments. Some types of steroids can help counteract its effects on muscles. Muscular dystrophy can also negatively affect the heart, so medications can help treat these side effects. The most common treatments, however, include exercise and mobility therapy such as braces and walkers.

Muscular Dystrophy and Disability Benefits

At Summit Disability Law Group, we help people who cannot work due to disease or disability receive Social Security benefits. If muscular dystrophy keeps you from working and supporting yourself, you may qualify for disability benefits. We recognize how difficult it is to live with such as limiting medical condition, and strive to use our legal expertise to help in some way.

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