Holiday Health: Staying Fit While Getting Festive

By November 24, 2016Holidays

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We know that the holiday season means lots of fun with family and friends, but what about its effects on our health? A recent study shows that holidays can be sensitive times for our physical health. This makes sense, since both Thanksgiving and Christmas are closely associated with food. As always, it is a good idea to keep our health in mind while we celebrate. We love Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, and pie as much as anyone, and are certainly not going to stop eating it completely. But here are some helpful holiday health tips to keep your body in check during the holidays.

Holiday Health: Is it Really a Problem?

The study shows that Americans tend to gain weight during the holidays. On average, we pack on slightly more than 1 pound each during the Thanksgiving-Christmas season. This may not seem like much. However, one researcher points out that this is equivalent to “two extra donuts per day” during December. Many people lose these extra pounds easily, but for others, it can be difficult. If someone is overweight or struggles with obesity, losing weight and burning fat is a challenge. So, your approach to holiday health should meet your specific needs.

We are all familiar with the concept of new year’s resolutions. The holiday season is a great opportunity to step back and set goals for our health in the coming year. Even if we — understandably — indulge in delicious and not-so-healthy holiday foods, we can decide to pay closer attention to our health when the holidays pass.

Tips to Stay Fit

Here are some basic tips to keeping your health in check during the holidays:

  • Stay active

It is very easy to spend hours on end during the holidays sitting still. Activities like watching football and movies are holiday traditions, but they can lead to whole days spent on the couch. Even getting up to walk around the house will help get your blood flowing and and your heart pumping.

  • Snack in moderation

All the meals, snacks, and leftovers can be overwhelming. To stay fit, don’t overindulge. But be wary of dieting, as it often ends in overeating as a response to deprivation. Moderate eating will go a long way towards maintaining holiday health.

  • Get your nutrition essentials

Part of what causes your health so much harm during the holidays is not just the quantity of the food, but the contents of it. So much of holiday food is just carbs and fat which, while essential for our bodies’ functioning, have negative effects in excess. Fixing this can be as simple as choosing white over dark meat, or getting a second helping of salad rather than mashed potatoes at dinner.

  • Drink water

This is perhaps the most common health tip, and the most important. Proper hydration aids physical and mental function and can help keep appetites in check.

As we mentioned above, your diet and exercise goals should always meet your specific needs. Each situation is unique, and your approach to staying healthy during the holidays may be different than anyone else’s.

Happy Holidays from Summit Disability Law Group

We at Summit Disability Law Group wish you a happy holiday season. Now is a great time to celebrate with family and friends and make goals for the new year.

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