Disability Hearing Tips: How to Help Your Case


Many applications for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied. Fortunately, the appeals process overturns many of these denials. Sometimes, multiple appeals are necessary. If your claim is denied multiple times, and you keep appealing, you will eventually reach the hearing stage. This means that you will appear at a hearing before an administrative law judge. This may sound intimidating, but hearings often turn out well for disability claimants. Less than half of the claims that reach this stage are denied. However, a successful claim is never guaranteed. You must come to your hearing prepared and ready to make your strongest case. In this post, we offer some disability hearing tips that can help you win your claim.

Before we get started, we want to point out that taking on a disability hearing by yourself is a difficult task. At Summit Disability Law Group, our attorneys utilize years of experience to help clients win claims at every step of the process. While reading these tips, keep in mind that an attorney can help you keep track of the details of your case.

The Most Important Disability Hearing Tips

While there are many things to keep in mind during a hearing, we identified the following points as the most important.

  • Know Your Situation

This may seem obvious — for good reason. Being familiar with your disability and how it specifically affects you is very important. During a hearing, the judge will review your case and ask you questions. Being able to give clear, honest answers will be extremely helpful.

  • Be Honest

The administrative law judge is a professional, and will be able to spot inconsistencies in your case. Help yourself by giving completely honest answers when asked about your disability. If you are found to be lying about aspects of your claim, your case could be in jeopardy.

  • Work with an Attorney

Disability law is complicated. If you go into a hearing without an attorney, you may find yourself unable to answer complicated legal questions. It is also helpful to have a professional overseeing your case and making sure nothing is overlooked. You have a stressful, busy life. Letting an attorney handle your disability case allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

We are not just advising you to work with an attorney because we want your business. It truly will increase your chances of winning a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers

That said, we do want your business. But not because we want your money. We want to help you win the benefits you deserve. We strive to provide the best legal representation available for disability claimants in Utah. However, we want you to find out for yourself if you want to work with us. We offer free initial consultations so that you can get to know us without any financial or other obligations.

If you have questions about your disability claim or an upcoming hearing, please contact us today! 


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