Social Security Disability Hearing: Vocational Testimony

Work. Everything about the Social Security disability claims process revolves around work. Your ability to work now, your ability to work in the future, your current skills and your transferable skills, these are the things that the SSA wants to know. If they think you can work, you will be denied. This is why the vocational testimony at your hearing is so important.

What is a Vocational Testimony?

At your hearing, the SSA will bring in a vocational expert (VE). This person studies the current job market and the abilities necessary to perform in different professions. What the VE determines about your work ability will likely decide if you receive benefits or not.

After you are questioned by the judge and your attorney, the VE will classify your work history. They determine what you could do and now what you cannot do. They will be asked a series of questions in order to offer their opinion on your ability. They will first be asked if you can still perform at your prior job. If they say you cannot, the VE will then be asked if you could perform any other job. At this point they will testify to what jobs you could perform, along with:

  • the job titles
  • the number of those jobs available in your area

If the VE states that you can perform another type of job, you will be denied. But don’t worry! If you are working with an experienced attorney, the attorney will cross examine the VE to prove that you cannot do what they say. This cross-examination can make your hearing.

The vocational testimony is one of the most critical parts of your hearing. Having an experienced attorney to help you be prepared for this will make the difference. Please contact us today for a free consultation.