Losing Social Security Disability Benefits: Why and How it Happens

Receiving your Social Security disability benefits is difficult. The SSA goes to great lengths with every case to decide who is and isn’t considered disabled and capable of working. It is tedious, but they do this so they can get money to who really needs it.  It is for their security and your benefit. Losing your benefits is determined on the same principles: if you have the ability to work or if you are still considered disabled.

Two Causes For Losing Your Benefits

Substantial” Work

This is decided on how much you earn each month. In many cases, when you have disability benefits you are not able to work or unable to have gainful employment. However, if your condition improves to the point that you can earn what the SSA considers a substantial amount, then you may be taken off your benefits.

  • In 2016 “substantial” work was defined as an average earning of $1,130 a month.

Medical Improvement

Your benefits will last as long as you are considered disabled. The SSA will periodically assess your disability to determine how your condition has improved over time. Depending on your initial diagnosis , they may contact you within 6 months, or if it is serious, it could be within 7 years.

  • The SSA does not want to take you off benefits, but we want to see your life improve.

If you feel that your condition is improved, try to go back to work! The SSA offers work incentives and trial work periods that allow you to keep your benefits and determine your ability for employment. There is no need to worry. For more information follow this link: ssa.gov.

We want your life to be the best that it can. If you are applying for disability benefits, please contact us today. As Social Security disability lawyers, we understand the system and have helped many people receive benefits. We want to help you too.