Contacting your Local Social Security Disability Office

Contacting your local Social Security Disability office can be confusing. Luckily there are several resources offered through the Social Security Department to help you find what you are looking for. If you are still unsure, a Social Security Attorney can assist you.

Social Security Website

You can start by visiting . Here you can likely receive answers to any questions you might have about the application or appellate processes.

Online Services

This link provides you with basic online services. These services include:

Location Finder

A convenient feature of this website is the location finder. Here you can easily locate your local Social Security office by typing in your zip-code. After you insert your zip-code, you will find the address, hours, and phone number to your local Social Security office.

Be aware that Social Security does not generally publish a list of their satellite offices. If you call headquarters for the local number, it might be a frustrating experience. Thousands call Social Security everyday. You can bypass this long process by using the location finder.

Find an experienced attorney

An attorney will be a liaison between you and the Social Security office. At Summit Disability, we understand the challenges of trying to receive Social Security benefits. Whether you are denied, confused, or even uncertain if you qualify, we will walk through every step with you. Call us, it’s time you get you need.

Photo courtesy of Christensen & Hymas.