Social Security Consultative Examination: What Should I Expect?

consultative examination

If the Social Security Administration is unsatisfied with the medical evidence in your case, they may schedule a consultative examination. This examination can play a big role in the final decision on your case. You should always go to your scheduled consultative examination. Doing so can greatly improve the amount of medical evidence in your case. Here are some of the basics about these exams and how to approach them:

What is a Consultative Examination?

These exams are designed to give the SSA a better look at your medical condition. Usually, they are provided by  your own doctor, since they already know you and your situation. However, the SSA may schedule your exam with another doctor for various reasons. 

Reasons why the SSA may schedule your exam with another doctor

  • Your doctor declines to give the exam.
  • The current medical evidence in your claim is problematic or inconsistent.
  • You prefer that a different doctor gives the exam, and provide good reasons why.
  • The SSA does not consider your doctor an effective source.

Your consultative examination will only include the necessary medical tests to determine your disability. If the doctor wants to perform any more tests, they must be approved by the SSA.

How Can I Prepare For a Consultative Examination?

The best thing you can do is simply go to the appointment. Too many claimants think that this is exam is an unnecessary formality. The doctor’s findings in a consultative examination can make the difference between you losing and winning a case. Attending and fully cooperating during your exam will pay off.

Hiring a disability lawyer is also a great way to prepare for an examination. They can help assure that your doctor does their job and reaches fair conclusions about your condition. Then, they can help you use those conclusions to win a case. The attorneys at Summit Disability Law Group are experienced dealing with the disability claims process and dedicated to helping our clients win their claims. If you have questions about disability benefits or any part of the application process, contact us today for a free consultation.

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