Request for Reconsideration Denied? You Are Not Alone


Having your request for reconsideration denied can be scary. After all, it was supposed to give the Social Security Administration the chance to give your claim a second look. If they denied you twice, does your claim have any chance of ever winning? The answer is yes. You can request a hearing, which are often successful. But, it is helpful to know why so many reconsideration requests are denied before moving to this step. Knowing what went wrong can help you build a better case for a hearing.

Why Was My Request for Reconsideration Denied?

If your disability claim is denied initially, it probably does not sufficiently pass the SSA’s “5-step sequential evaluation.”  If your request for reconsideration is denied, it probably failed to pass it again. Before you appeal your case again, revisit your claim and make sure you can answer “yes” to these 5 questions:

  • Will I be out of “gainful employment” for at least 12 months?
    • “Gainful employment” means earning more than $1,130 per month.
  • Do I have a severe, medically diagnosed impairment?
    • You must be diagnosed by a reputable doctor.
  • Is my condition included in the SSA’s listing of impairments?
  • Am I disabled enough that I cannot go back to any of my previous jobs?
  • Am I disabled enough that I cannot work any available jobs?

If you simply resubmitted your same initial application with your request for reconsideration, there is probably something in it that fails this evaluation. You need to go through your claim and improve its weak spots if you want to win at the hearing level.

An experienced disability lawyer can help you rebuild your claim into a winning case. The attorneys at Summit Disability Law Group help our clients do just that every day. If your claim is denied at any level, contact us for a free consultation. We want to help you get the benefits you need.

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