Compassionate Allowances: Do I Qualify?


The Social Security Administration provides “compassionate allowances” for the most severe disabilities and medical conditions. They do this in order to eliminate the long application waiting period for people whose conditions require immediate assistance. The disability attorneys at Summit Disability Law Group can help you correctly file a compassionate allowance claim.

Which Conditions Qualify for Compassionate Allowances?

As we mentioned, these conditions are severe enough that they obviously meet the standards for a successful disability claim. You may not think that there are many such conditions, but the list is actually quite long. Qualifying conditions include:

  • Cancer (in many forms)
  • Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Amyotrophic Laterak Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Huntington Disease
  • Many other conditions

The SSA is constantly updating the compassionate allowances list with new conditions. If you cannot find your disability or illness on the list or are unsure whether you qualify, contact one of our attorneys today. They can help you sort out the details of a claim.

How Do People Apply for Compassionate Allowances?

There is no specific application for these types of benefits. You simply file a normal disability claim, and the SSA will take it from there. After you file a claim, the SSA will review it and determine whether your condition is listed for a compassionate allowance. If it is, your claim will be marked and taken through the review process more quickly. This way, you will not have to endure the waiting period that most people do when waiting for a decision in their disability case.

Even though the process is easier for people who qualify for these allowances, it is still important to file a complete and effective claim. A lack of medical evidence or documentation can still keep you from receiving benefits. An experienced disability lawyer can help you cover all your bases when filing a claim. If you need help starting your case or have questions about the disability claims process, contact Summit Disability Law Group today. We are committed to helping you get what you need.