Can I Speed Up My Disability Case?


Social Security disability claims are a long and tedious process. Throughout the whole case you have to fill out forms and jump through hoops just to be heard. It can be a discouraging experience. However, don’t give up! These cases are lengthy by design and if you are patient and consistent you can receive your benefits. But it does bring up the question: Is there anything I can do to speed up my disability case?

The answer is usually no. It is understandable to want to move quickly through the process, but there is almost nothing that can be done to speed up your case other than dire need. Although, the sooner you file the initial application, the sooner you will reach the hearing stage. While Social Security moves very slowly, here are few things you can do to avoid unnecessary speed bumps.

1. Understand what is ahead:

  • Here is a simple picture that lays out what a usual disability case looks like.



  • Not all cases are the same, but all will include many steps and forms.
  • Be thoughtful, careful and, consistent as you follow each of the steps.
  • Hiring an experienced attorney is helpful, as they know how to help you at each of the stages.
  • Understand that denial is part of the process. Patience is key.

2. Tell your story – the RFC form:

  • An RFC form, or Residual Function Capacity form, is one that explains your limitations accurately and explicitly.
  • It tells the story of your disability in a powerful way.
  • It will ask questions to determine things like, how long can you sit, how long you can stand, or how many pounds you can carry.
  • Cases are won and lost with the RFC form.
  • Be clear and up to date with your doctor. Always continue to receive care.

3. Be honest and patient:

  • Tell your doctor everything and honestly. Don’t exaggerate your limitations.
  • Do not exaggerate your past work. This can harm how your case is processed.
  • Be patient and hopeful. Take it one step at a time.

summit mountain on blackWhile disability cases can be lengthy and complicated, we as Social Security disability lawyers want you to receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible. The key to winning is by clearly communicating  your disability. We want to help you tell your story. Please contact us today.