Phishing Scam Surrounding Social Security Disability — WARNING

phishing scam

The Office of the Inspector General released a fraud advisory on March 29th, 2016 about unknown people making phone calls to the public about alleged Social Security disability applications and offering them assistance with their claims, when in fact none had been filed. These people are using their phishing scam to ask for Social Security numbers and personal information.

Many unwary people who may have possibly applied for benefits have been inclined to provide information in order to further their claims. Don’t let this be you. There have been several reported variations of this phishing scam. Giving away this kind of information results in identity theft and/or government benefit theft.

You should never provide your Social Security number, bank account numbers, or other personal information by telephone or internet unless you know who you are talking with.

If you think you may have been targeted by scammers, please report suspicious activity immediately to the fraud hotline at


Photo “Fraud Key” copyright by GotCredit.