May Is Cancer Research Month: How Can You Take Action?


Cancer affects almost everyone in some way. Even if you haven’t personally suffered from the disease, you probably know someone who has. May is Cancer Research Month, which is a great opportunity to renew the fight against cancer and the efforts to find a cure. We at Summit Disability Law Group invite you to do what you can to take action against cancer. Here are some of the facts about the disease, and some ways to get involved in the fight against it.

Cancer Facts

  • Over 14 million Americans have cancer
  • Almost 2,000 people die from cancer every day
  • Over 1.5 million new cancer diagnoses are expected in 2016
  • Cancer is marked by uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth
  • It can be caused by both genetic and environmental factors
  • Cancer costs the United States tens of millions of dollars every year

What is Cancer Research Month?

During Cancer Research Month, the nation recognizes innovative cancer research. It is a great time for people to learn about and support these research efforts. Education is one of the best ways to fight cancer, as greater awareness leads to greater involvement in the fight. Cancer Research Month has promoted such education since 2014.

According to the U.S. Senate, the month of May is dedicated to “recognizing the importance of cancer research and the contributions of scientists, clinicians, and patient advocates across the United States who are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.”

How Can I Take Action During Cancer Research Month?

The American Association for Cancer Research offers some suggestions:

You can also follow National Cancer Research Month on Facebook, or share your story on Twitter using the hashtag #RealHopeIs.

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