Beating Dementia with Books: How Education Can Help

beating dementia

Beating dementia is the mission of many medical professionals. The term “dementia” refers to a group of similar diseases. Many of these diseases are incurable. A few of the most common forms of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease (the most common form), Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. Fortunately, people with these diseases may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. But can these conditions be beaten entirely?

There are no cures for many common types of dementia. But the disease can be prevented before it strikes. Studies show that the rate of dementia is already declining. One recent study found a link between education and dementia risk: the more education you have, the less likely you are to get dementia.

Beating Dementia Through Education

Here are some results from this study of education and dementia:

  • People with at least a high school education are less likely to get dementia
    • The disease rate for this group has decreased steadily since the 1970’s
  • Education can aid in beating dementia by:
    • helping you get a better, less stressful job
    • increasing your financial resources
    • allowing you to have better health insurance
    • exercising and strengthening your brain

“You can do everything right and still get Alzheimer’s disease and dementia… (try) to change your risk to make it as low as possible.” — Dr. Kenneth Langa

Education can only help in beating dementia — unfortunately, many of the disease’s forms are still incurable. Actively exercising your brain can help prevent types of dementia like Huntington’s disease.

Dementia and Social Security Disability

Social Security’s listing of impairments names several forms of dementia as qualifying conditions. Early-onset Alzheimer’s is eligible for a “Compassionate Allowance.” This allowance makes it easier to win a disability case if your condition is very severe.

Even if your condition is not listed by Social Security, you can still win a case. If you are seriously limited or unable to work because of dementia, you may qualify for benefits.

At Summit Disability Law Group, we help people across the disability spectrum with their cases every day. We take an active role in beating dementia and the countless other conditions that keep people from living their lives to the fullest. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case.

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