Communicating with Social Security: How to Get Through

Communicating with Social Security is essential to any successful disability case. However, communicating with the Social Security Administration is not as simple as it sounds. From the moment you apply until the day you receive your first check, you need to make your voice heard.

Speaking to the SSA is not the hard part of the claims process, but making sure they listen to you is. If you are running into trouble with this, an experienced disability lawyer can help. When it comes to communicating with Social Security, these are the best ways we help our clients find success:

Communicating with Social Security on Your Application

Filing a claim is the first step in communicating with Social Security. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Apply online
  • Call or visit your local office
    • Make an appointment to start your claim. Bring the same additional documents we mentioned above to this appointment.

Once you file a claim, the SSA will contact you if they have any further questions. If you have trouble completing your application or have questions about the process, let us know. We are dedicated to helping people win their disability cases.


Communicating During a Waiting Period

Because of the huge number of Social Security applicants, you will have to wait for a decision. This waiting period can extend to a year or longer. Communicating with Social Security during this time remains important.

Communicating After Being Denied

If your application is denied, don’t give up! Communicating with Social Security is even more important now. Don’t be discouraged — most applications are denied at first.

  • Appeal the decision
    •  You can do this online, but you can help your case by hiring a disability lawyer.
      • You can also call this toll-free number to request an appeal: 1 (800) 772-1213
    • All cases are unique, and some need closer inspection in order to win.
    • Be prepared to provide updated information.

Let Us Communicate For You

Hiring an experienced disability lawyer can be the difference in winning or losing a case. We’ve been here before, and we know how to help you.


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