Applying for SSDI? What to Give to Your Disability Lawyer


If you’re seeking the help of a disability lawyer in completing your application for Social Security Disability Insurance, we at Summit Disability Law Group can help. But we need a few things from you to help the process as well. For our first meeting, the most important thing you can bring is yourself. However, you should know that before we can take on your case, we need to know as many details as possible. So, the best thing you can do is be forthright and honest with us about your medical history and any prior rulings on your disability case. This will help us be better prepared to help represent you in the best light possible and to get you the compensation you deserve. Here’s a brief list of other important things you should bring to our first meeting together:

  • Social Security Statement

Your social security statement will be helpful in giving your disability lawyer a brief overview of your earnings records, as well as information about what disability benefits you may be eligible for. Normally, a social security statement is mailed to you every five years after the age of 25, but you can also retrieve yours online by visiting

  • List of Doctors You are Currently Seeing

We’ll need to know as much about your medical history as possible, and that starts with knowing who your physicians are. Include a list of doctors that you are currently seeing as part of your disability treatment. Don’t forget to include the names of specialists or other individuals you may visit as part of your therapies. These people, along with your disability lawyer, can be some of your biggest allies in the claims process.

  • List of Medications

In addition to your doctors, a list of the medications you are currently taking or have taken in the past will be helpful at our first meeting. We need this information to be able to demonstrate the severity of your disability. You should bring a list of how often you take each one of your current medications. Remember to include any over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies you use regularly as well.

  • Overview of Work History

Please bring an overview of your work history over the past 15 years. A simple resume or a list of employers is fine—we need to be able to demonstrate that you had regular employment prior to your disability.

  • Medical Records

Any information you can bring to our first meeting about your medical history will be extremely helpful. Consider bringing vaccination records, test results, and a brief medical history including the dates of any surgeries or procedures you may have undergone. You should know that in the future, we may ask you to sign a medical privacy release so that we can have full access to your complete medical history. We value and respect your privacy, so everything you share with us will be kept confidential, and we will only use information that is relevant to your hearing.

We know that being disabled is discouraging—that’s why we want to help. Don’t feel overwhelmed before our first meeting. Just bring whatever information you can and we’ll discuss what we can do to assist you in your claim. The sooner we begin this process, the sooner we can get you the benefits you deserve, so don’t hesitate. You can start by filling out our free online consultation form or calling us at (801) 890-1030.


Photo via Flickr