Acing Your First Appointment with Your Disability Lawyer

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We all get nervous before important appointments and interviews, whether it’s with a doctor, an employer, or the disability lawyer handling our Social Security Disability Insurance case. But we at Summit Disability Law Group do all we can to make your first meeting with us as comfortable and reassuring as possible. It’s important for you to understand that our first appointment is not meant to be an interrogation and that our primary interest is helping you. In order to most effectively do that, we need to ask you some questions. Preparation can go a long way towards calming any pre-meeting jitters, so we’ve listed some of these questions below.

Who Are You?

We know and value all of our clients, but in order to build your case effectively, we really need to know you. Your disability lawyer will ask you for the following information:

  • Identification, including your Social Security number and an official birth certificate. If you were born in a foreign country, you will need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Tax records, either your most recent W-2 Form or federal income tax return.
  • Direct Deposit numbers, for the automatic availability of any benefits you are granted.
  • Workers’ compensation claims you have filed, if any. You should provide the date of your injury, a claim number, and proof of any payment you received.

What Is Your Medical History?

The most important fact in any SSDI claim is the identity and nature of your disability. Because of this, your disability lawyer will ask you about your medical history — and how it relates to your disability, both directly and indirectly. In addition, you will be asked to sign a privacy release which allows your disability lawyer to access and analyze your medical records. This information will make it easier for your lawyer to build your case and determine if any additional examinations or testing are necessary. An accurate description of your personal health habits, such as exercise and consumption of drugs and alcohol, is also very important.

How Does Your Disability Affect You?

Essentially, your answer to this question should highlight how all of the facts and numbers you provide affect your unique situation. Every case is different, and the impact of your disability on you is what matters most; it is important for us to know how it limits your work life, your social and family life, and your general wellbeing. The more information you can provide in answering this question, the stronger we can make your case.

This may seem like a lot of information, but it’s important to try and keep your nerves at bay. As long as you are open and honest with your disability lawyer, you have no need to worry. We at Summit Disability Law Group are dedicated to advocating on your behalf, and will do our best to get you the benefits which you deserve. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss or begin an SSDI application, contact us today or fill out our free consultation form located on this page. We will respond as quickly as we can.