Join the Celebs: Wear a Hat to Raise Brain Tumor Awareness

Want to raise awareness for a great cause and look fabulous at the same time? Well some organizations are inspiring people to do just that.

June 8th is International Brain Tumor Day, and it’s an important day to stay informed, raise awareness, and don your hat to support those in your community suffering from a brain tumor.


Every day in the United States, 74 people get diagnosed with brain tumors. Of those people, 12 will be children. No matter the age, a brain tumor is a frightening and intimidating diagnosis. Worries about cancer, surgery, permanent damage, and painful treatments plague those who are recently diagnosed.

While there are surgeries and treatment options for people with brain tumors, there are still far too many uncertainties and unanswered questions. Helping to raise awareness and funds for brain tumor research can help people from all over the world find comfort and hope, and it can be as easy as wearing a hat.


For example, on March 27th, a brain tumor research site in the United Kingdom advocated wearing a hat to help  find a cure for brain tumors, brain cancer, and other forms of cancer. Photos were submitted on various social media sites with the hashtag #HATTASTIC, creating a fun and interactive way to raise awareness. Even some celebrities participated in the campaign, and many others have continued to use the hashtag to raise awareness.

Because brain tumors can affect people of all ages from all over the world, there are many international corporations and research teams that are working to help find a cure. One such alliance works closely with patients and publishes a free annual magazine, Brain Tumour, which reaches 110 countries. They also help organize walks, picnics, information seminars, scientific conferences, or media statements to local media that draw attention to the challenges created by brain tumors and the need for an increased research effort.

No matter where you live, there are many ways that you can help raise awareness for brain tumors.

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