Why Do I Need a Lawyer?


When it comes to applying for Social Security benefits, you may be asking yourself: why do I need a lawyer? Filing for benefits does not officially require a lawyer, and applying for Social Security is not a lawsuit. So why should you consider a Social Security attorney to help you? Here are three key reasons why:

1.) The Five-Step Sequential Evaluation is Complicated

Although the actual Five-Step list itself does not sound hard to maneuver, the process is actually more complicated than you might think. You must remember that you are one of millions of Social Security applicants that are applying for benefits. You are up against judges and an administration that are either skeptical of or do not fully understand the pain and the difficulties that you are going through. Given this situation, you will have to work hard to prove to them that you deserve social security benefits at every step. This can be a grueling and tiresome process. Attorneys can help you prepare your story through your personal testimony and help you fill out a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form in order to give you the best at receiving benefits.

2.) You Need an Advocate

It may seem callous to say, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not care. It is an administration that does not know you or your family personally. They only know and can only see what has been submitted to them in your application. They have no way of really understanding how your condition affects your relationship with your spouse, children, and friends or how your goals and plans have been interrupted because of your medical condition. All they want to know is your functional limitation, and whether you can return to work. Until you prove to them that you cannot work, they will assume that you can. Although this may sound harsh, there is a reason for such an approach. Millions of Americans pay into the Social Security system hoping to rely on it when they retire. If the SSA were to be lenient with the money, then many deserving people in the end would not be able to receive the benefits they desperately need. An attorney who cares about you can help you and be an advocate for you.

3.) A Liaison Between You and Your Doctor

Social Security disability lawyers can work with you and your doctors to help you both understand what the SSA requires, and what they will be looking for in your medical records. The more detailed and clear your records, the easier the judge will be able understand your situation and the better chance you will have of receiving your benefits.

Here at Summit Disability Law Group we understand that you have many questions about what to do during the application process. We also know that you are probably worried about a host of issues, from personal and family finance to the ways this disability is going to affect the rest of your life. The sooner you schedule your Social Security disability rights analysis, the better chance you will have of securing your benefits. Knowlege gives you the power to take your life back. Come see us today!

Photo courtesy of: Simon Cunningham