Social Security Disability Lawyers

Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers

Approaching a Social Security disability case can be terrifying. The process seems overwhelmingly complicated and dealing with a disability on top of it all can make it seem like too much. The good news is YOU don’t have to go through the process alone. We’ve helped hundreds of Utah residents obtain the social security disability benefits they deserved.

Here, helping YOU is our main focus. Your family, your life, and getting you back to financial stability. Our goal is to help you by taking the terror out of the process and guiding you through the red tape to your benefits.

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Common Case Types

Back Problems

Back pain and other problems can make working extremely difficult. Click here to learn more

Disabled Veterans

Veterans often face unique challenges when it comes to disability benefits. Click here to learn more

Neurological Diseases

People who suffer from various neurological conditions often qualify for disability benefits. Click here to learn more

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Craig’s Story

Testimonials from Utah people, just like you:

“I felt like I did qualify according to the things that were in the book for my social security benefits. If I was a lot smarter as soon as I got that book and read it, I would have contacted Jake first off instead of trying to do this on my own at first.”


We’d love to help you get started today!

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Get Your Free Copy Of The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook

Our free book, “The Utah Social Security Disability Handbook,” lays out the claims process and the major mistakes to avoid, giving YOU the opportunity to make an informed decision before you ever meet with an attorney/representative.

The Utah Social Security disability handbook is written by Attorney Jake J. Lee is written in plain English. It breaks down the complicated system into the essential information you need to know to make a claim.

The book explains the process of making a claim for disability benefits, what you have to prove, and the major mistakes to avoid. You owe it to yourself and your family to read this book.